Lottery Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding lotteries - misconceptions which may put some people off playing. Some of these are common, widespread lottery myths which have been around for decades, despite being debunked and disproven time after time.

Conspiracy-minded theories or outright fallacies often spread when rumours pass from person to person without being verified. Here, provides all the facts you need and busts the myths that may be in circulation about playing this lottery. Go to the FAQs page for more questions about the Texas Free Lottery and how the game works.

It is not really free to play

It is absolutely free to play the Texas Free Lottery. There are no hidden costs when you register or at any point during the process. You can take part every day for the chance to win. You will never be asked to provide payment details to take part in draws.

If you win, you’ll never have to pay a fee in order to receive your prize. Advertising on the website contributes to the prizes, so there is no cost. You can find this out for yourself by playing now and you’ll see you don’t have to pay a dime.

It is impossible to win

This is a very common myth, but lotteries around the world pay out billions of dollars every year. In some games, such as Mega Millions, individuals have received over a billion to themselves. To win the Texas Free Lottery, you have to match all six numbers. The odds are 1 in 201,359,550, so it is difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. In fact, those odds are better than some paid lotteries that have been won hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

The winning numbers aren’t drawn at random

Another widespread conspiracy is that lottery draws are rigged, and that winning numbers are selected by the operator to give the results they want - whether it’s a jackpot win to generate publicity or a draw with no winners to save on a payout.

The truth, of course, is very different. The lottery industry is heavily regulated and draws are subject to rigorous scrutiny to ensure the results are fair. The equipment used by the Texas Free Lottery is regularly tested and checked by an independent party to ensure the numbers are always drawn at random.

Texas doesn’t allow you to play the lottery online

The laws about playing lotteries online are different across the U.S, but in Texas you can purchase tickets online.