Online Lotteries

You can play a wide range of lotteries online to give you the chance to win great prizes. Take part in some of the USA’s biggest games, including Powerball, Mega Millions and Lotto Texas.

Texas Lottery Games

If you’re wondering if you can buy lottery tickets online in Texas, the good news about the Free Lottery is that it doesn’t cost a cent and you can play online from anywhere in the Lone Star State. You can also participate in other lotteries online, although you’ll have to pay to purchase an entry.

Powerball and Mega Millions offer the largest jackpots you’ll find anywhere in the world, while Lotto Texas and others also put-up multimillion-dollar payouts. Select a lottery from the choices below to be in the running for the opportunity to win.

Lotto Texas Logo
Next Jackpot: Saturday June 15th
$26.5 Million
(Cash Lump Sum: $14.8 Million)
    Texas Two Step Logo
    Next Jackpot: Tonight!
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      Next Jackpot: Tonight!
        Powerball Logo
        Next Jackpot: Saturday June 15th
        $34 Million
        (Cash Lump Sum: $16 Million)
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          Mega Millions Logo
          Next Jackpot: Friday June 14th
          $47 Million
          (Cash Lump Sum: $21.8 Million)
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            How to Play Online Lotteries

            To play an online lottery, all you need is a phone, tablet or computer so that you can get connected. Follow the steps below to play:

            • Choose your lottery from the options on this page
            • Select your numbers or go for a Quick Pick
            • Decide how many draws in advance to play
            • Confirm your selections
            • Register for an account by providing a few personal details
            • Make a deposit using one of the available payment methods
            • Pay for your entries

            Once you’ve got your ticket, you can sit back and wait for the drawing, and check the results on

            Advantages of Playing Online

            When you use an online lottery service, it gives you a secure digital record of your numbers. There is no chance of them being lost, damaged or stolen like there is when you buy a paper ticket and have to keep it safe. You can play at a time that suits you, and you don’t even have to check after the draw to find out if you have won. This will automatically be done for you. You’ll receive an email if you win and prizes will be paid straight into your online account.