Texas Free Lottery Information

Get information about the Texas Free Lottery below to help you know even more. Here are some key points about the lottery...

  • It is free to play but you can still win cash prizes, unlike any other lottery in Texas
  • Daily drawings take place at 7:30pm CT
  • Weekly drawings are at 3pm CT
  • The weekly jackpot is $10,000, while there’s a top prize of $500 every day
  • Match six numbers from 1 to 75 to win the jackpot

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Registration is free and just takes a minute or two. You’ll then be able to play Daily and Weekly Drawings right away.




Learn all the rules that you need to follow when you play the Texas Free Lottery, from the cut-off time for tickets to claiming prizes.

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Study the statistics from Weekly and Daily Drawings of the Texas Free Lottery. Find out how many times your lucky numbers have appeared.

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Get the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about the Texas Free Lottery, including tax, anonymity and much more.

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Find out how to spot a lottery scam and avoid them. Remember that you can’t win a lottery prize if you haven’t played the game.

How to Avoid Scams

Lottery Drawings


See a schedule of when Free Lottery drawings take place. You can also read more information about the RNG technology used for the draws.

Drawing Schedule

Where to Play


Find out more about playing the Free Lottery in Texas, as well as whether out-of-state residents are allowed to take part.

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There are a lot of myths surrounding lotteries, get the facts here about which have been debunked and disproven time after time.

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